Wide-eyed amazement is the most common response to participating in light painting workshop!
We use a form of long exposure photography similar to making trails with sparklers on Bonfire Night. Participants get to play with an array of homemade light ‘brushes’, torches, lightsabres and wands to create dazzling portraits, abstract masterpieces and amazing animations in a matter of seconds; there are literally infinite possibilities for creativity in this magical process.
It is a perfect activity for schools, parties, conferences, festivals, trade shows, weddings and more and works indoors or outside. It works for all ages and abilities and requires no artistic skill – although the artists amongst you will have great fun adapting to this new technique.  
  A single photo can take between 15-60 seconds to create; the process is broadcast to nearby screens in real-time and the final images are instantly viewable at the end of the shot.   The process is quite unique in that it requires no booth or black out room and can even work in daytime in a shaded environment. We can set up in a dedicated space or quickly set up in various places around a venue. We also have a 5m x 5m inflatable dome for weather protection or to help dim particularly bright environments.
We have run light painting sessions many thousands of participants across the UK and at festivals and events in Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Malta, Spain and the UAE.