Malarky started life in 1997 in Newport, South Wales. Over its 20+ year history we have worked with many thousands of participants on hundreds of projects to help them create art.

There’s some blurb on the Art & Minds website which I think sums things up quite well…

“Artist and animateur Andy O’Rourke spearheads the arts collective Malarky Arts, which he founded in 1997 and which is based in Newport in South Wales. Malarky has over 20 years experience delivering a broad range of community-based art through numerous local and international projects. The collective’s skills base is vast and they pride themselves on being able to create unique and innovative projects tailored to suit the needs of a diverse range of groups and individuals. Malarky’s creative repertoire is extensive, and they develop collaborative programmes across many media, including light-works, murals, mosaics, sculpture and a range of performing and other time-based arts. Over the years, Malarky has worked with thousands of participants to develop weird and wonderful creations for hundreds of community parades, carnivals and events in Spain, Gran Canaria, the United Arab Emirates and across the South Wales Valleys.”

We continue to develop new ideas, techniques and partnerships in order to deliver exciting creative projects with our participants. We like to start every project with an open and creative conversation with clients and participants to spark new ideas and a fresh approach.

You can see Andy’s Website here at